About Kirsch

Hello Friends

It all started from not finding drums that fit my needs. So, I dove deep into drum construction with a passion for drumming and woodworking and a desire to understand how everything works. First, I started cleaning, tuning, and replacing parts for local Portland drum shops. I saw what each brand did right and which parts broke regularly. It wasn't long before I started cutting edges on kits for myself and my friends. I became hooked. In 1999, I met Patrick Lynch, the owner of Adonis Drums. As a brilliant designer, engineer, and teacher, he taught me the foundations of the trade. It was such an exciting time for me. Patrick's designs were top-notch, but the more drums I built, the more I wanted to experiment and see my ideas through. So, I started on my own to build my dream. I'm still experimenting and learning today and just as passionate about my work as the day I started. This history is the passion, love, and sweat I put into every drum I build.

- Jeff Kirsch

Design Process

Design Process

As a drummer, builder, tech, and restorer, I've found that the best drums come from minimalism. Anything you don't need on a drum hinders its range and creates a potential failure point. Poorly designed parts that fail or function inconsistently cause tuning issues, flexibility problems, overtones, strange noises, and drums that weigh too much. These issues and thousands of customer experiences have all taught me what works…and what doesn't.

Kirsch Drums are the product of a community of drummers, builders and studio engineers. The result is a design with 4 main goals:

Our Requirements

Versatile, easy and stable tuning.

Reliable and long lasting American made shells and hardware.

As much shell tone involvement as possible.

Unique looks with infinite finish options


I don't live in Portland. Do you ship drums?

Yes, anywhere in the lower 48, plus Alaska and Hawaii. We also ship internationally.

Can I get a color that I don't see here on the website?

Absolutely - anything you can dream of.

Do I have my choice of hardware options?

Yes, you can choose from all boutique or major brands.

How do I order my drums?

Fill out the contact form on this site, call or email us to get started! Let's figure out which model or custom kit is right for you.

Do you restore or repair all drums?

Yes, if it's broke or in need of repair we can fix it. Contact us for quotes and lead time.